The first time you lose your phone can be very terrifying. It feels like losing all the access to your world. Now that everything is digital and that we spend so much of our time online, losing a phone can bring out a very difficult situation which would just not be ideal for you. Well, as we have already said this, such a situation can come into anyone’s life. This is why it is very important to be aware of what you must do in a situation if you end up losing your phone.

To begin with, let us first what should be your first few steps if you realize you have lost your phone.

  • For starters, stay calm. Know that losing a phone is a very humane thing to do so. Usually, people lose their calm in such a situation and end up making it worse. However, staying calm is the key.
  • The best thing to do in this situation would be to try calling on your number. See if anyone picks up. A lot of times, we leave our own in shops, malls, someone’s house, etc. Ringing your own phone, in this case, would be very helpful!
  • These days, thanks to technological advancements, phone tracking apps have also come into the picture. There are a lot of such apps, some are in-built whereas some can be downloaded as well. If you happen to have one of these apps on your phone, then make use of it and try tracking your phone through the software. However, this is not always feasible because phone tracking apps do not work if your phone is switched off.
  • So, the next step is to think of every possible place where you could have left your phone. Do a backward memory exercise and try visiting all the places that you went. See if you can find it anywhere. If you do- hurrah! But if not, don’t worry we got your back.
  • If you could not find your phone in any of the places that you have visited, then what is most likely is that someone stole your phone or misplaced it from where you left it. In such a situation you should file an FIR at the nearest police station about losing your phone. Make sure to give as many details about your phone as possible. This will help the police with their investigation (if it is needed).
  • In the meanwhile, what you should also do is ask your telecom operator to block your number for the time being and stop all the UPI services from your phone. This is an extremely important thing to take care of. This can be very helpful in preventing misuse of your phone. If at all your phone was deliberately stolen then you must do this at the earliest.
  • Another thing that you should do is change your google account password if you have logged in google account on your phone. Change your password and security key as soon as possible so that everything that is on your google accounts such as emails, pictures, and sensitive data would remain safe.

Tracking Phone Through IMEI Number

If the above-mentioned things did not work for you then what may be the best option is- to track your lost phone through its IMEI number. To repeat, the IMEI number is like your phone’s fingerprints. Every phone has a unique 15-digit IMEI number with it. You might not know but there is a huge database of lost phones on the internet which are recognized by their IMEI numbers. There are various sites such as 3gadgets where people who have lost their phones can put in the details of their phone, how and where they lost it, along with the unique IMEI number of the particular phone.

This online database of lost phones is actually a very useful way to get help from people around. If somebody were to find your phone they could simply get in touch with you and return it to you.

At the same time, it is also important that you have your phone’s IMEI number written somewhere. A lot of people save it on their own phones but if you lose it, how are you going to make your way to the unique number. Therefore, make sure you have noted the number beforehand.

Precautionary Measures You Must Adopt

Now that we have talked about what you could do if you lose your phone and about tracking your phone through its IMEI number, it is also important to talk about precautionary measures.

  • Make sure to keep all your phone’s data safe in some cloud or google drive. Simply speaking, make sure you have a backup of your data- the pictures, contacts, files, etc.
  • You should also keep your phone password protected. If you do not have a password on your phone then anyone can open it and view your apps if you end up losing it. However, if you have a password, then opening your phone would not be that easy for whoever steals it- although it won’t be impossible.

Remember worrying is obvious if you end up losing your mobile phone, but there are systems in place which could help you get it back. The most useful in this case could be tracking a lost phone through its IMEI number. This is a simple and convenient way to try and get your phone back. Remember to have your phone’s IMEI number written somewhere safe beforehand only.