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So, Whenever you lose your mobile phone, the best practice is as suggested below .

Lost Phone IMEI Tarcking

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Follow as mentioned below

#1. Report local police immediately.

#2. Inform your telecom operator and ask them to stop the services to avoid misuse of your phone.

#3. Change password of your accounts which were configured your lost mobile phone.

#4. Try your luck with pre-installed tracking app, if you have installed any before it was lost. Now even your mobileís operating systems also provides enough security & tracking solution but youíll have to activate it before its lost.

#5.Report your lost mobileís IMEI in online database of lost, stolen and found Mobiles at; this mechanism works even if your lost phone is switched and is not connected to internet also, this system works one model where used phone buyer, enforcement agency and other govt agency check suspicious devices though this database, and you are intimated as soon as any details related to your mobile are found It is not a 100% success method to find lost mobile phone but itís the only option left if none of the above is applicable.

And wait for any revert from any of the above.

Check your phone's IMEI here if its found by anyone

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