Lost Mobile? What to do Next? track IMEI

Lost your mobile?, Heard or read of on multiple website suggested in google first itself, then this is website made for you, to tell that is not working now, so don?t waste & energy in send mails there; This website also enlighten other possible ways to track lost phone through IMEI tracking;

Convert website in hindi or your other Indian langauge was an id of Chennai police which ceases to exist, it was first published in The Hindu website post then some users randomly started posting articles about the above that the Chennai Police id DOES help when phone is lost. Now it is flooded with many such posts that suggest that you can find your lost mobile phone if you send mail along with some details to this id.

Now Even ABP news has varifed About Cop@VSNL.Net : Read about it on ABP News website

Existence or nonexistence of this email id can be verified at

These articles come with a message and claims that people who have lost their mobile phones can email their complaint, along with the IMEI number and other essential details of the mobile phone so as to trace and track it back from anywhere in the world. The story is a mix of facts & misleading info. The email id provided in was that of the Commissioner of Police, Chennai, and yes, it was a fact that if you send an email from anywhere in India, it will reach the Commissioner of Police, Chennai City Police, Chennai. there have also been instances in the past where the Chennai Police have solved mobile theft cases using the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers.

However there is no guarantee that mobile thefts from all over the country will be handled by them. This service is most definitely applicable only for particular state of Tamil Nadu, and not anything beyond their jurisdiction.

Therefore, this message is misleading when it claims that everyone can trace and track back their lost mobile phones using this service. It is also important to note that the official website of Tamil Nadu is not active, since it was hacked earlier this year, and the email service also NOT working.

            Check your phone's IMEI in found mobile's database websites like 3gadgets you can check in check IMEI section

            Lost mobile Report Lost phone's IMEI at websites like Lost you Mobile section,

                 Procedure to report lost mobile in Database of Lost, Stolen and Found Mobiles).

              1. Open and click on Register IMEI

              2. Fill details about incident, Announce reword to find lost mobile etc.

              3. Fill lost mobile?s details Like IMEI no, Make & Model No etc.

              4. Fill personal details.

              Process is on, as soon as your lost mobile will be searched you?ll be intimated on registered id.

               You can also submit your lost phone details, in below format


               Email Id:

               Phone Make:

               Phone Model:

               IMEI Number:

               Reward (If any):

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