Losing your phone can mean ending up in a challenging situation. And let us be honest, we have all been there, haven't we? At some point in our lives we have dealt with the situation where we were helpless because of losing our phone. These days almost everything is on our phones. Be it important financial details or personal pictures. Losing a phone is literally like losing everything that belongs to you. Considering this, a lot of attempts have been made to recover lost phones. From having app such phone tracker to track phones to reporting at a police station, we do all sorts of things to recover a lost phone.

Losing phone- A Nightmare in Itself!

We all know that losing one’s phone can drive them insane. Imagine how many important details does your have have. What would you do if you lost them all of a sudden? Would you be able to get all those pictures back? Would you be able to retrieve all your contacts back? What is even more terrifying is that a lot of sensitive data such as your emails or your debit/credit card could also be accessed with your stolen phone? Won’t you be in a helpless situation if such a thing were to happen to you? Well, do not worry because we will cover simple and easy steps on what should be done if you lose your phone. Remember knowing all this is important because you never know what may happen with whom. Considering preacution is better than cure, make sure to go through our page and understand what you could do if you lose your phone.

Does cop@vsnl.net work?

cop@vsnl.net is a very known email id to reach out to in case you lose your phone. In the past, a number of people have tried to recover their lost phone by writing to this email address but does it really work? Well, this email address does not work anymore.

What needs to be understood is that although some people got help from those who wrote to this email address and who wrote from Tamil Nadu, a lot of other people did not get help. Let us understand this in detail.

  • This particular email address belongs to the Chennai police.
  • Years ago, articles started to appear saying that this email address will help people recover their lost phones if they send enough details about their lost phone such as its IMEI number, etc.
  • The truth is that people did not even know that this email address belongs to Chennai police and started flooding their inbox with appeals for finding lost phones.
  • Now as much as this was helpful, it is obvious that Chennai police cannot help in recovering all these lost phones, especially if you have written them from say Delhi.
  • This is natural because it is beyond their jurisdiction (any place outside Tamil Nadu would be beyond their jurisdiction).

Recover lost phone through IMEI

Recovering a lost phone through IMEI means tracking it through a unique number. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. What this means is that every phone has a unique number that is exclusive for itself. You might have never paid attention but your phone will have an IMEI number too. These numbers are generally 15 digit unique numbers. If you are wondering how people get to know thwie phone’s IMEI number then the answer is- mostly through retailers. A lot of times, this number comes written on a sticker that is pasted behind your phone when you buy it. However, if for some reason you are unable find your IMEI number on the back of your phone or the packaging then worry not for there is another way.

You can also find you IMEI number very easily by dialing *#06# on your phone. Dialing this number would show you your phones unique number, like your phone’s fingerprint. It is very important to check this number and note it doen somewhere before you lose your phone (in case it happens) so that you can track IMEI and get your phone easily. Knowing this number is also helpful because you can claim your phone easily from police station or other people who may have found it. To make them believe that it is your phone, all you have to do is tell them the IMEI digits and they can cross check.

What are the other ways through which I can track lost phone through IMEI number?

Well, now that you know the email address cop@vsnl.net does not help if you trying to recover your lost phone and if you live outside Tamil Nadu, what you should know is that there are a few other options.

There are a lot pf databases for lost mobiles. Registering you phone’s details there may help you in tracking your phone. For instance, if you open websites like 3gadgets.com, you can register your phone’s IMEI number and get the required help. You need to mention some opther important details such as when was your phone lost, how it was lost, where did the incident happen, etc. You must also mention details about your phone per se such as the model, the brand, the colour, if there is something specific about your phone such as if there is a screen crack or anything- basically mention everything that may be useful in locating your phone.

Another think that you should do is mention a particular reward that you are ready to give to the person who finds your phone. This will make people more intereted in being aware about the whereabouts of your phone. Make sure to give personal information about yourself too such as your name, your email address, your address, etc so that the person who has found it can easily give it back to you.


You can also submit your lost phone details, in below format

Email Id:
Phone Make:
Phone Model:
IMEI Number:
Reward (If any):

Lost Cases

Few people you lost their mobile phones and updated it here

Sr. No. Name Email id Make & Model Lost Date IMEI 1 IMEI 2
1 Artur Salvador apontosenhor@gmail.com Huawei TAG-L21 02/08/2019 861666033381076 861666033365616
2 Gracymilde Langa gracymildegabriellanga@gmail.com Tecno Spark 3 06/11/2019 353770100258327 353770100258335
3 Ayip Noor ayipnoor61@gmail.com SAMSUNG J4+ Spark 3 13/05/2020 352697101232491 -
4 Patrick Decena decena.patrickjohn34@gmail.com Oppo A3s 2018 03/07/2020 866056048786938 866056048786920
5 Dominique Mendy domendy90@gmail.com Tecno Spark 4 kc8 16/10/2020 355017110629586 -
6 Ezekwem Silas sichris17@yahoo.com ITEL W6004 (A56) 21/08/2020 35621711126527 -
7 Neba Cheni stunnerboymanagement@gmail.com Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ 05/10/2020 352566071144657 -
8 Odukoya Oladipupo odukoyaolayemi11@gmail.com OUKITEL C12 pro 28/09/2020 352567101352930 352567101352948
9 Abass Kalokoh abasskalokoh7@gmail.com TECNO F1 17/08/2020 359722108733466 -
10 Muhammad Yusuf blizzard.yusuf@gmail.com Oppo F11 PRO 07/09/2020 863980047559256 -
11 Ebot Wisdom eboteman@gmail.com Tecno Spark 4 KC8 28/07/2020 355017114438281 -
12 ELizabetd Oladipo eliza.abosede@outlook.com Itel S15 pro L6002P 04/09/2020 357351102107667 357351102107675
13 Kashyap Krishna kashyapkumari0987@gmail.com VIVO Y21L 03/09/2020 - -
14 Victoria Mortar dabrisdavictoria@gmail.com Tecno spark 3 31/08/2020 352550107822601 352550107822619
15 Brenda Mandalunes liezelaguilar0127@gmail.com SAMSUNG A30 29/08/2020 862418041529786 -
16 Editda Salbino captainri123@gmail.com Huawei Nova 5T 29/08/2020 868139042850724 868139042850724
17 Aileen Malanum malanumaileen27@gmail.com ASUS X00HD ZC520KL 20/08/2020 358410081856022 -
18 Arnauld Kamdem anicetkamdem16@gmail.com TECNO L8 LITE 25/08/2020 352419089688705 352419089688713
19 Gerdi decena.patrickjohn34@gmail.com Redmi Note 8 14/08/2020 862384048033968 -
20 Fazlur Rahman muhammadgismail920@gmail.com NOKIA 150 03/07/2020 353102113794835 353102112794836